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Vare: Black Liquid Keratine Hybrid Tint 15ml

Black Liquid Keratine Hybrid Tint 15ml

135,00 kr.

The richly pigmented formula is now even better with the addition of the clinically proven ingredient Keratin.

Because the Liquid Keratin Hybrid tint is more intense in terms of colour, even faster tinting is more time-saving for you as a stylist!

The product is a hybrid dye, meaning the Brow & Lash Tint is in between normal dye and henna. Besides Keratin, it also contains Aloe Extracts for an antibacterial effect.

It offers insanely deep colouring on the skin while protecting and revitalising the eyebrow and lash hairs through its nourishing and protective ingredients.
The easy-to-mix eyebrow dye colours skin for up to 10 days and eyebrow hairs for up to 6-8 weeks. This formula is also suitable for eyelashes.

Like Henna, our liquid hybrid shades take time to develop on the skin. As a result, the shade may look orange/yellow on application and just after removal. This adjusts to a neutral shade after 5 to 10 minutes. You can mix all colours. We recommend always mixing blonde with a few drops of Light Brown.


The easy-to-mix eyebrow shades colour up to 10 days on the skin and 6-8 weeks the eyebrow hairs. This formula is also suitable for lashes.

You can mix all the different shades together. TIP: The Blonde shade gives a perfect result by mixing it with some drops of Light Brown.

The Liquid Keratin Hybrid Tint should be mixed with the Liquid Developer. For this, the mixing ratio is 1:1.



– Colours skin and eyebrows and/or lashes.
– Richly pigmented.
– Colours up to 10 days on the skin.
– Colours hair for 6-8 weeks.
– Extra protection for skin and hair in combination with our Liquid Developer due to the ingredients Phanetnol and Dimethicone.
– Extra nourishment and antibacterial effect through Keratin & Aloe Vera extract.
– To use in combination with our Liquid Developer.
– Easy to use and time-saving.

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