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Vare: Airbrush Brow Machine

Airbrush Brow Machine

565,00 kr.


To create the perfect Airbrush Hybrid Brows you need an airbrush machine. Quality with the right features and accessories to achieve the best results. PE Cosmetics’ nano portable airbrush brow machine features the most up-to-date high-pressure technology where the colors are distributed in tiny particles over the skin for the most detailed effects.

It is very important to properly clean your Airbrush Brow Machine after each treatment. This kit includes several brushes and needles including a description of how to properly clean the Airbrush Machine.

– This product has a 6-Month warranty.
– The warranty applies to a manufacturing defect before use of the device or when the device does not (no longer) turn on or start up.
-Please not tat no warranty is given for faults in the general operation of the device, as it is cause by improper cleaning and storage of the device.
-In the even of a malfunction, contact our customer service department.
-The warranty is legitimate with a warranty card and proof of purchase.

The PE Cosmetics Airbrush Brow Machine should be used in conjunction with our Liquid Keratin Hybrid Airbrush Tint and Liquid Developer. We do not guarantee the use of other products in conjunction with our machine.

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